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Barrier-free sightseeing bus


While in a wheelchair,
Enjoy your trip in comfort.
​About our measures against COVID-19 on our sightseeing buses

​We will continue to provide thorough sanitary services so that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.

​Click here for other measures against the new coronavirus

​Hitachi barrier-free sightseeing bus
Why Choose Us
Selectable welfare vehicles

Utilizing the know-how cultivated over many years of welfare transportation, we operate sightseeing buses with lifts. Since it is possible to travel with a wheelchair, it is very popular among customers with walking disabilities, and is supported by many repeat customers.

Welfare transportation professional

Drivers are skilled not only in handling wheelchairs, but also in communicating with customers with disabilities. In addition, only drivers who meet strict requirements such as driving skills and customer service attitude will get behind the wheel of a tour bus.

Flexible and versatile course settings

From day trips to overnight stays, we provide flexible services to suit your needs. Our company's corporate philosophy of ``providing the joy of mobility to all customers'' has been highly evaluated by a wide range of customers.

vehicle type

​Large sightseeing bus with lift

4 row seats

tv set

tv set


■You can enjoy a comfortable trip even in a wheelchair. This layout is an example. We will respond according to the customer's request.


■ Basic equipment such as refrigerator, TV monitor (DVD), CD, microphone, etc. is available.

■ About 12 folded wheelchairs can be loaded in the trunk. *The number of seats will change if a wheelchair is fixed in the car, so please contact us for details.


Layout with 6 fixed wheelchairs

​Driver introduction

Experienced drivers will guide you on a comfortable journey.

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