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BEAGLE, Bunkyo Ward


A community bus that routes in Bunkyo Ward. It consists of two routes, the “Sendagi/Komagome route” and the “Mejirodai/Kohinata route”, and from September 30, 2021, we will start operating the “Hongo/Yushima route”, which will be the third route.

B-Guru Notice
2024年4月2日掲載 目白台・小日向ルート工事に伴う迂回運行のお知らせ



2023年1月26日掲載 目白台・小日向ルート「㉘播磨坂」 名称変更のお知らせ



2022年3月1日掲載 バス利用特典サービス(通称「バス特」)終了について


Route map (Revised on November 1, 2021)
Ayase Station East Exit Bus Stop Information
Ayase Station East Exit Bus Stop Information
Bunkyo Civic Center (in front of Kasuga Station)
Request to line up at the bus stop

Please line up for each route so as not to cause inconvenience to customers on the road.

​ Also, please do not line up on the planted side.


(Elementary school students and above)



(11 pages)



(13 pages)

Time difference coupon


(Unlimited rides for one day)

1 day ticket


(Unlimited rides for 1 month)

1 month ticket


  • National transportation IC cards (10 companies) such as PASMO and Suica can be used.

  • If you pay the fare in cash, change will not be given for high denomination bills other than 1000 yen bills, so please cooperate in exchanging money before boarding.

  • Silver Pass and Bus Common Card cannot be used. Also, there is no discount for people with disabilities.

  • Up to 2 infants are free of charge when accompanied by an adult or child.

  • Time-staggered tickets are valid only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in the morning (from the first train to 12:00).

  • Kita Ward "K Bus" and Bunkyo Ward "B-Guru" can be used interchangeably only for coupon tickets. It is possible to board the "B-Guru" with a "K Bus" coupon ticket, and the "K Bus" with a "B-Guru" coupon ticket (excluding staggered coupon tickets). Note that ticket types other than coupon tickets cannot be used interchangeably. ​

  • Coupon tickets, staggered coupon tickets, and one-day tickets are also sold on the bus. When purchasing on the bus, please prepare cash without change. (You cannot purchase with an IC card)

Information on free transfers
Transfer method
  1. When boarding the bus, please tell the driver that you would like to transfer.We will issue a transit ticket.

  2. Please hand the transfer ticket to the driver when boarding the bus to the destination. ​

Transfer notes
  • If you do not present your transit ticket, you will not be able to transfer for free.

  • ​The transfer ticket is valid only once on the day at the designated stops above.

ticket office

​Tickets, staggered coupons, one-day tickets, and one-month commuter passes are also sold at the counters below.

​Please note that payment is cash only.

  • FamilyMart Bunkyo Civic Center Store (Kasuga 1-16-21 Civic Center 1F) *FamilyMart only sells one-month commuter passes. Please note.

  • Bunkyo City Tourism Association (1-16-21 Kasuga Civic Center 1F)

  • Tokyo Real Estate Planning Co., Ltd. (2-6-6 Sendagi)

  • Wakisaka real estate public information society (2-32-5, Sendagi)

  • (Corporation) Koishikawa Blue Declaration (1-1-8 Kohinata, Fujiwa Kohinata Homes 101)

  • Lien Bunkyo (2-16-15 Kohinata Bunkyo General Welfare Center 1F)

  • ​Nissei Real Estate Co., Ltd. (3-46-4 Yushima)


​*PASMO and mobile PASMO are registered trademarks of PASMO Co., Ltd.

*Suica is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company.

*Bus Toku is a registered trademark of the General Incorporated Association Bus Common IC Card Association.

​*Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.

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