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special support school school bus


As a pioneer in welfare transportation
we treat each student with respect.
Hitachi special support school school bus
Why Choose Us
Pioneer of welfare transportation

Our company has a long history of welfare transportation, and our school transportation division is an essential part of the transportation scene for special needs schools in Tokyo. The experience and know-how cultivated over approximately 30 years of operation has been firmly inherited to this day.

Experienced professionals

Drivers and bus guides are skilled not only in handling wheelchairs, but also in communicating with customers with disabilities. Placing hospitality and consideration in mind, and treating each student with care will lead to safe daily driving and a sense of security for students and their parents.

Selectable welfare vehicles

For children with physical disabilities, we provide vehicles with lifts that allow them to get in and out of wheelchairs smoothly, and for children with intellectual disabilities, we provide vehicles with special belts and seat arrangements to ensure their safety inside the vehicle, providing optimal transportation according to the characteristics of each user. 

vehicle type

Vehicles for physically handicapped children

For physical disability

The vehicle is equipped with a lift, and the tour conductor will help you get on and off smoothly.

bus transparent.png

Vehicles for children with intellectual disabilities

For intellectual disability

Experienced tour conductors will pick you up and drop you off with a flexible response that matches the individuality of the student.

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