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Megurin, Taito Ward


The Taito City Circulation Bus "Megurin" is a community bus that routes within Taito City.

Hitachi Automobile Transportation operates the "North Megurin (around Asakusa)," "North Megurin (around Negishi)," "South Megurin," and "East-West Megurin."

Notice about Megurin



2024年2月29日掲載 めぐりんダイヤ改正について




2022年2月19日掲載 乗車券販売窓口の一時休止について



(Elementary school students and above)



(11 pages)



(Valid for all routes)

1 day ticket


(Valid for all routes)

1 month ticket


  • Transportation IC cards (10 companies) such as PASMO and Suica can be used.

  • Silver Pass cannot be used. In addition, various discount fares are not applied.

  • If you pay the fare in cash, change will not be given for high-value bills other than 1000 yen bills, so please cooperate with changing money before boarding. ​

  • Up to 2 infants can accompany 1 adult or 1 child free of charge.

  • ​You can also purchase coupon tickets and one-day tickets on the bus. Please prepare cash without change. (You cannot pay with an IC card.)

​Transit system

If you ask the driver when you board the bus, we will issue a "transfer ticket".
You can transfer between each route free of charge at the transfer points specified below.
Transfer tickets are valid only on the day of issue. Transfers are limited to one transfer per route.
Transfers outside of designated transfer points are not permitted.

ticket office
(1 month ticket, 1 day ticket, coupon ticket)
  • Taito Ward Office 1st floor window 5

  • Seibu Ward Office

  • Northern Residents Office

  • Northern Residents Office Kiyokawa Branch

  • Seibu Ward Office Yanaka Branch

  • Nanbu Ward Office

  • Kaneda Trading Co., Ltd. (2-6-2 Asakusabashi)

  • Takamura Can Co., Ltd. (3-18-12 Matsugaya)

  • Nihon Print 2F (2-11-6 Uenosakuragi, Taito-ku)

  • Lawson HS Taito Hospital (3-20-5 Senzoku, Taito-ku)* Temporarily suspended from February 17, 2022

  • Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center (2-18-9 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku)

  • Nitto Advertising Co., Ltd. (1-12-2 Uenosakuragi, Taito-ku, Tokyo) 03-3824-0311


Coupon tickets and one-day tickets are also sold inside the train. Please speak to the driver while you are at the bus stop.

Please prepare cash without change when purchasing. (You cannot pay with an IC card.)


​*PASMO and mobile PASMO are registered trademarks of PASMO Co., Ltd.

*Suica is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company.

*Bus Toku is a registered trademark of the General Incorporated Association Bus Common IC Card Association.

​*Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.

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