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Japan Traffic Radio Center
Delivery by phone
Dispatch with app
Usage fee



Reservation fee

Vehicle designation fee

Toll fee

For wireless dispatch

When ​ is specified for wagon vehicles, etc.

When using the toll road ​

For reserved delivery

About your fare
The fare is determined by the distance of the ride (distance fare system)

The initial fare is 500 yen for the first 1.096km after boarding, and 100 yen is added for every 255m thereafter.

If the speed is below a certain speed, the fare will increase with time (time-distance combined fare)

100 yen will be added every 95 seconds if the speed is less than 10km/h.
(It does not apply when driving on highways.)

Late night and early morning fares are extra

Late night and early morning hours (22:00 to 5:00 the next day) will be 20% more.

Fares are discounted under certain conditions

Distance discount: 10% off for amounts exceeding 9,000 yen.
Disabled discount: 10% off the fare for the section you boarded.

Other charges
In the case of wireless dispatch, pick-up fee will be added.

If you use wireless dispatch, we will add 300 yen per vehicle as a wireless pick-up fee.

* In the case of wireless dispatch, if you do not show up by the taxi arrival time (reservation time in the case of reservation dispatch), we will wait for 5 minutes after the taxi arrival time (reservation time in the case of reservation dispatch) free of charge. increase. After 5 minutes, we will turn on the taxi meter.

Reservation fee will be added to reserved delivery

If you request to specify the time, we will add 300 yen for wireless pick-up fee and 500 yen per vehicle as reservation fee.

for smartphonesReservations using the "GO" appandteeth,No reservation fee,An application fee of 100 yen will be charged separately.

You will be required to pay a toll for the operation of expressways, etc.

Please pay the toll you used.

All taxis are equipped with ETC, so discounts by day of the week and time of day on the Metropolitan Expressway will be applied as they are.

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