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Hospitality like a concierge.
We can meet all your needs, from business to private.
​Reservation by phone
Usage scene example

airport transfer

Ideal for transporting important customers from overseas. Additionally, if you are traveling from a rural area and are unsure about the geography of Tokyo, we will pick you up at the airport or Tokyo Station.


Business travel

Our experienced drivers will determine the best course and deliver you to your destination quickly and efficiently. It can be used as a reliable base for business situations such as important business negotiations, entertaining customers, and inspections.


Hotel pick-up and drop-off

Our company is highly trusted by famous hotels in Tokyo, and we are often nominated for pick-up and drop-off services for hotel guests and for sightseeing in Tokyo. This is especially convenient if you have a lot of luggage or are unfamiliar with the geography of Tokyo.


​Transportation for ceremonial occasions

It is also very effective in guiding your relatives and guests to their destinations smoothly and stress-free. With a spacious interior, you can head to the venue with plenty of time to spare.

car model


A luxury minivan where you can relax and relax with high-class seats and spacious space.

Maximum number of passengers

Recommended number of people


Estimated trunk loading



full length 4910mm


Vehicle height 1890mm

6 people

​2 to 4 people

Golf bags: 2 pieces Suitcases: 4 pieces

full width 1850mm

AC power supply can be


seating chart


high class seat


Plenty of space for moving even a large number of people,A business van with a large cargo space.

Maximum number of passengers

Recommended number of people


Estimated trunk loading



full length 5080mm


Vehicle height 2280mm

9 people

​5 to 7 people

Golf bags: 5 pieces Suitcases: 6 pieces

full width 1690mm

AC power supply none


seating chart


spacious interior

Usage fee


3 hours  30,950yen

4 hours  38,850yen

5 hours  46,750yen

6 hours  54,650yen

​Extension 1 hour    7,900yen


3 hours    27,950yen

4 hours  35,850yen

5 hours  43,750yen

6 hours  51,650yen

​Extension 1 hour    7,900yen

▪️The above rates do not include parking and tolls, so additional charges may apply.

▪️If you wish to have a guide, an additional fee will be charged.

▪️Buses are available for groups of 9 or more. Please contact us if you would like English-speaking staff.

▪️If you are a wheelchair user, please let us know in advance. We will prepare suitable models.

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