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Chuo Ward Edo Bus


It is a community bus that routes Chuo Ward. Hitachi Automobile Transportation is in charge of the operation, which consists of two routes, the "North Circulation" and the "South Circulation".

​Edo Bus Information
2024年3月18日掲載 4月15日~ルート変更及びダイヤ改正のお知らせ


​2024年2月19日掲載 南循環「月島区民センター」バス停移設のお知らせ



2022年3月1日掲載 バス利用特典サービス(通称「バス特」)終了について


time table




(Elementary school students and above)



(11 pages)



(Valid for all routes)

1 day ticket


(bearer only pass)

1 month ticket


(Sponsored commuter pass/bearer only pass)

1 year ticket


  • If you would like to purchase a one-year ticket (sponsored commuter pass),this pagePlease see

  • Transportation IC cards (10 companies) such as PASMO and Suica can be used.

    Silver Pass cannot be used. In addition, various discount fares are not applied.

    Up to 2 infants are free of charge when accompanied by an adult or child.

  • If you pay the fare in cash, change will not be given for high-value bills other than 1000 yen bills, so please cooperate with changing money before boarding.

​Transit system
  • Passengers making a transfer will be issued a "transfer ticket" upon request.

  • Transfers are valid only at the stops specified above.

  • Transfers are valid only once per ride and only on the same day.

transit point
Northern route and southern route

"North 1.  Chuo Ward Office" ⇔ "South 1.  Chuo Ward Office"

"Minami 30.  Shintomi 2-chome" → "Kita 2.  Shintomi 2-chome"

"Kita 28.  Shinkawa 2-chome" ⇔ "Minami 9. My Home Shinkawa" (about 10 minutes walk)

Southern route and Southern route

"Minami 5. St. Luke's International Hospital"

Northern route and Northern route

"Kita 4. Yaesu Dori East"

ticket office
(1 month ticket, 1 day ticket, coupon ticket)
  • Kyobashi Blue Return Association (2-1-7 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Fuji Chuo Building 1F)

  • (Yes) Kawana Pharmacy (3-7-3 Higashi-Nipponbashi)

  • Miyamoto Tobacco Shop (1-9-7 Tsukishima)

  • Royal Park Hotel Co., Ltd. (2-1-1 Nihonbashi Kakigaracho)

*One-year tickets (sponsored commuter passes) are sold only by Hitachi Motor Transportation Co., Ltd.

​ For detailsthis pagePlease see

* Coupon tickets and one-day tickets are also sold on the bus. Please prepare cash with no change. (Cannot be purchased with an IC card)

Contact information
Inquiries regarding lost items, operations, and in-car advertisements

Hitachi Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-5682-1122

Other inquiries

Chuo Ward Environment and Civil Engineering Department Traffic Division Traffic Countermeasures Section

TEL: 03-3546-5413


​*PASMO and mobile PASMO are registered trademarks of PASMO Co., Ltd.

*Suica is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company.

*Bus Toku is a registered trademark of the General Incorporated Association Bus Common IC Card Association.

​*Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.

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