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Recommended for graduation trips!

Tokyo royal road sightseeing course

Guide to the middle of Tokyo sightseeing.

Easily and comfortably move between spots that you can't miss!

Imperial Palace / Nijubashi

Tokyo Station Marunouchi Station Building

Kaminarimon, Nakamise Street, Sensoji Temple

Asakusa Edo Kiriko Experience



3 hours  17,360yen

4 hours  22,990yen

5 hours  28,620yen

6 hours  34,250yen

​Extension 1 hour    5,640yen

wagon taxi

​ (6-seater)

3 hours  19,160yen

4 hours  24,790yen

5 hours  30,420yen

6 hours  36,050yen

​Extension 1 hour    5,640yen

Sightseeing taxis are reserved in advance and reserved by the hour.

▪️Reservation and pick-up fee included, parking fee, toll fee, entrance fee, etc. separately

▪️An additional charge of 2,820 yen will be charged every 30 minutes.

▪️Additional costs such as expressway tolls may be incurred separately.

▪️Disabled person discount (10% discount) will be applied when presenting a disability certificate.

▪️ Hourly rates are based on driving approximately 15km per hour on public roads. If you exceed it, we may apply the meter system fee.

▪️Please note that the above charges will be incurred even if the same crew member waits at a facility for a round trip.

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