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Chartered bus operator

Safety evaluation certification system

Since 2011, the Japan Bus Association has been conducting a charter bus operator safety evaluation so that customers who use chartered buses can select bus operators that meet safety standards and receive services with peace of mind. accreditation system was started. Through the "Chartered Bus Operator Safety Evaluation and Certification System," customers can easily select a chartered bus operator, raise awareness and encourage business operators, and aim to improve safe chartered bus services.

Judging criteria

Based on a total of 76 items, including "legal compliance items (36 items)" and "safety initiatives (40 items)", chartered bus operators that have met strict screening and evaluation through documents, visits, etc.Japan Bus Associationwill be published on the website of

symbol markand
​Career up

This is a symbol mark that indicates a chartered bus operator with excellent safety initiatives. A review is conducted every two years, and the number of stars on the sticker increases for certified businesses. Chartered bus operators that continue to make efforts for safety will receive three stars in six years.

In order for all customers to use our services safely and comfortably, we aim to further improve safe operation and strive to become the bus operator of choice.

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