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About ISO certification

Hitachi Automobile Transportation Group, as a passenger automobile transportation business (taxi, hired car, bus) as a public transportation, from the viewpoint of improving service quality, ensuring transportation safety, and considering the global environment, "ISO 9001 (quality management system )”, “ISO14001 (environmental management system)” and “ISO39001 (road traffic safety management system)”.

Quality/Environment/Road Traffic Safety Policy

Recognizing the social responsibility and public mission of the passenger transportation and vehicle maintenance business, the Hitachi Automobile Transportation Group is promoting various initiatives with the aim of achieving sustainable growth. As part of this, we are actively engaged in activities to reduce the various risks that arise from our business activities. determine.


  1. Based on risk analysis, we work to improve customer service, prevent pollution and protect the environment, and reduce traffic accidents, traffic violations, car accidents, and vehicle accidents.

  2. We promise to comply with customer requirements, environmental laws and regulations, and road safety.

  3. In order to achieve this policy, we promise to strive to continuously improve our management system.

July 1, 2016

Hitachi Automobile Transportation Group

Masakazu Sato, Representative Director and President

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