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Information Security Basic Policy

The Hitachi Automotive Transportation Group (hereinafter referred to as "the Group") protects the Group's information assets from threats such as accidents, disasters and crimes, and in order to respond to the trust of customers and society, we will work on information security throughout the company based on the following policies. .


 1. Responsibilities of Management

The Group will systematically and continuously strive to improve and enhance information security under the initiative of management.

 2. Improvement of internal system

Our group establishes an organization to maintain and improve information security, and establishes information security measures as formal internal rules.

 3. Employee Efforts

Our group's employees will acquire the knowledge and skills required for information security, and ensure that our efforts toward information security are solid.

 4. Compliance with legal and contractual requirements

The Group complies with laws, regulations, norms, and contractual obligations related to information security, and meets customer expectations.

 5. Responding to Violations and Accidents

The Group will take appropriate measures in the event of legal violations, contract violations, and accidents related to information security, and strive to prevent recurrence.

Date of enactment: May 17, 2023

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​ Representative Director Masakazu Sato

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