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Your destination depends on your luck!

Board game taxi course

Let's play Tokyo with dice!

Whether you can go where you want to go depends on your luck!
The destination is determined by the result of rolling the dice!
A theme is prepared for the stopped square, and if you clear the theme, you can proceed to the next one.
How many laps can you make within the time limit? !

Before starting, please specify six places you want to go.


Roll the dice and advance by the number of rolls.

​The direction in which you go around the course is also determined by the number rolled.


If you clear the theme set in each square, you can move forward.

​Please clear the same problem on the second week or if you land on the same square for some reason.


Some squares have special instructions in "speech bubbles".


You can roll two dice on the squares marked "2".

​You can change the direction you go around the course in the squares that say "Reverse".


* Detailed rules are determined by the crew.



3 hours  17,360yen

4 hours  22,990yen

5 hours  28,620yen

6 hours  34,250yen

​Extension 1 hour    5,640yen

Wagon taxi

​ (6-seater)

3 hours  19,160yen

4 hours  24,790yen

5 hours  30,420yen

6 hours  36,050yen

​Extension 1 hour    5,640yen

Sightseeing taxis are reserved in advance and reserved by the hour.

▪️Reservation and pick-up fee included, parking fee, toll fee, entrance fee, etc. separately

▪️An additional charge of 2,820 yen will be charged every 30 minutes.

▪️Additional costs such as expressway tolls may be incurred separately.

▪️Disabled person discount (10% discount) will be applied when presenting a disability certificate.

▪️ Hourly rates are based on driving approximately 15km per hour on public roads. If you exceed it, we may apply the meter system fee.

▪️Please note that the above fee will be charged even if the same crew member waits at a facility for a round trip.

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